Xhulia Facaj

Xhulia Facaj completed her studies in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism. Professional in the field of architecture and urban development for 5 years in the public and private sector, as a specialist in the design of projects of various typologies on a micro scale with a focus on the design of architectural concepts and solutions, implementation projects, development plans and plans detailed local. Ms. Facaj is focused on architecture and sustainable development by continuously researching policies to solve environmental issues, climate change, renewable energy production, technological developments and the progress of building materials. She is the creator of the initiative on “Implementation of smart materials in architecture”, implemented by CO-PLAN and funded by the American Embassy. Currently Mrs. Facaj works as an Infrastructure Investment Specialist at the General Directorate of Pre-University Education.

In general, architecture deals with problems of all kinds by finding alternative strategies to solve these problems. Thus, Julia’s initiative consists in improving the environment through architecture, specifically the use of intelligent materials in construction, interactive materials that respond to changes in the environment such as: solar radiation, temperature change, air purification from CO2, mechanical forces, energy production electrical etc. Awareness of improving the quality of the environment, air and energy conservation, as an intermediary role for the protection of the earth, is never enough for society.

Julia has chosen to do this through an online platform where she shares information and explanatory materials about smart materials and their benefits. You can familiarize yourself with Julia’s platform by clicking here.

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