Violeta Gjoni

Violeta Gjoni is a teacher for children with special needs, as well as an activist for several years, mainly in activities that focus on the integration of children and young people with disabilities, and a mother in constant care of a child with disabilities.
Violeta also directs the Social-Cultural Center “Edhe ên mundem”, where various training activities are carried out with young people with disabilities.
One of the most recent initiatives undertaken by the center is the creation of a Sports Club which is organized and managed voluntarily by a community of parents of children with disabilities.

For almost two years, this club has managed to train a group of 35 young people with disabilities twice a week in the gym of the “Dhora Leka” school, in the capital.
Violeta has committed to advocate with the Municipality of Tirana, the Ministry of Education and Sports, the Local Education Office of Tirana, the Ministry of Finance and Economy as well as the National Employment Agency so that this initiative is extended to more schools in the capital.

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