Rin’Tours Club promotes sustainable tourism in Maliq

The RinTours Club initiative of the Act Think Center organization in the city of Maliq held its final meeting with the local actors of this community on 04.12.2023. The purpose of this initiative is to promote the tourist attractions of the Maliq Municipality through a very important promoter such as are the young people.

The round table focused on the theme “Rin’Tours Club and the creation of bridges of cooperation with the local actors of Maliq Municipality for a sustainable tourism” which was attended by the Mayor of Maliq Municipality, Mr. Gëzim Topçiu, head of the tourism sector, youth and recreation, specialists in agriculture, economics, civil society, youth, businesses and local media.

During this meeting, the greeting and introductory speech of the Executive Director of ATHC Xhensila Mirashi was held, who expressed the purpose of the meeting and presented the achievements of the initiative. Then the Mayor of Maliq, Mr. Gëzim Topçiu, took the floor, who expressed his readiness to cooperate continuously in relation to this initiative, which he assessed as very necessary for the development of tourism in Maliq.

Then the young people presented through a reportage prepared by them the internships developed with the support of the Maliq Municipality for highlighting the tourist attractions of the area. Bujar Ago, tourism expert, made a more in-depth analysis of the tourism development situation in Maliqi Municipality, giving his recommendations which were:

  • Creation of accommodation infrastructure
  • Publication of itineraries
  • Provision of licensed guides and their stimulation.

Then the conversation went to an open discussion with the participants where the issue of finding some alternatives for the development of sustainable tourism in this area was addressed, which were:

  • Drafting of a local guide dedicated only to Maliq Municipality and its tourist attractions.
  • Creation of a model where images from the Communist Internment Camp are reflected through photographs along the draining of the swamp
  • Marking of trails for tourists who prefer hiking
  • Promotion of touristic attractions and values through wider marketing
    social networks and local media.
  • Creation of rest areas along the Moglica lake road.
  • Strengthening the newly established cooperation bridges in the framework of a sustainable tourism.

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