Rights and freedoms of street animals in Albania

We introduce you to the activist Diana Hila, who since 2016 has been engaged in activities centered on the well-being and rights of companion animals and more.

In addition to her many professional commitments, Diana is very dedicated to improving the living conditions, especially of street animals. During this year, Diana joined the #spark program, to raise the issue of the lack of a registry for street animals (but not only). With the support of the program’s mentors and after familiarizing herself with the legal basis, Diana officially approached 61 municipalities in the country to request information on the registration process. Diana also contacted the Structure responsible for the Veterinary Service in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as the National Veterinary and Plant Protection Authority.
And because only a small part of the municipalities and institutions contacted responded, we are very happy that this process has resulted in taking steps forward – the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has issued ORDER No. 634, dated 2.11.2023 “FOR THE APPROVAL OF THE REGULATION FOR THE NON-COMMERCIAL MOVEMENT OF PETS”.

This enables the standardization of the registration process in all municipalities – so what remains is the fastest and most complete implementation of the order.
To discuss this and more, on December 22, 2023, we will hold the national round table ‘On the rights and freedoms of street animals in Albania’. We invite you to join us!

Details will be shared in the coming days!

The #shkendija program, which is implemented by Co-PLAN, the Institute for Habitat Development with the support of the Public Relations Office at the American Embassy in Tirana, supports over 25 initiatives from activists across the country.

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