Pranvera Nallbati

Pranvera was born in Elbasan and completed his higher studies in the field of economics. The “Summer of Puppies” as it is popularly known in the city, she began to bond with pets at an early age with the constant support of parents. Her father always advised her to love and take care of street animals. Under the modest name “Vera Shelter”, she voluntarily created a shelter for street animals in Elbasan and, together with volunteers, collects mostly dogs from the streets of the city and offers them veterinary service, shelter and food. Every day, she works in the field to collect and care for street animals in the neighborhoods of Elbasan Municipality, up to the capital. Through the #shkëndija Program, she is advocating that the municipality make transparency about the treatment of street animals, encouraging investments and support for this service that the local government should provide.

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