Manuela Orhani

Manuela Orhani has completed her studies in Clinical Psychology at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Sciences. Professional in the field of mental health for 5 years in the private hospital sector and then in the Ministry of Public Education as a school psychologist in the psycho-social service in the care of students with disabilities, students with behavioral and emotional problems, drafting intervention reports for necessary cases, advice, organizing awareness meetings with students, teachers and parents, coordinating work with various institutions for reported cases of violence in order to protect children’s rights, etc. Ms. Manuela Orhani is focused on increasing the emotional well-being of students in school and outside it. She is the creator of the initiative “Increasing the motivation of students to read books” implemented by CO-PLAN and funded by the American Embassy. Currently Mrs. Manuela Orhani works as a psychologist at the United High School “Ymer Lala” Surrel, Tirana.

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