Fatmir Zyberi

Fatmir Zyberi was born in Tirana and has been engaged in the protection of the rights of the Roma and Egyptian community in the peripheral areas of the capital. He has been working for 10 years focused on supporting Roma and Egyptian children with the aim of enrolling them in nurseries, kindergartens and schools.

Fatmir is part of the Egyptian community and to serve it even more has joined the organization “Center for Social Advocacy”. He has worked for the empowerment of the Roma and Egyptian community in several cities

and has recently focused on the registration of children in educational institutions, employment and the referral of families to the social housing program in the Municipality of Tirana.

He continuously works with the Roma and Egyptian community in the Yzberishti area of the capital, to improve the basic infrastructure of the neighborhoods and through the #shkëndija Program he has focused on supporting young people after they leave the orphanages, with the aim of addressing them to the market work, housing and socialization.

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