Diana Hila

My beginnings in activism date back to 2016. This year I decided to adopt a stray puppy, one of the most popular in Tirana.
Tuna, in addition to the joy it brought with its joy, showed me a painful reality of the abuse and mistreatment of stray animals. This abuse happens in every corner of the country, at any time of the day or night, and is practiced by all ages, backgrounds, education, etc.
In our small country, abuse towards the weakest is a silent reality and a very big social wound which goes beyond the mistreatment of “just an animal”. Over the years I have tried to make my contribution to softening this wound by finding families for about 94 abandoned and abused animals. All are adopted abroad.

While today I can conclude that this alone is not enough and that activists of the cause, the state authorities must implement real projects to reduce stray animals, not through the totalitarian form of physical elimination, but through the strategies that European countries have implemented over the years.
Through this opportunity, I intend to formulate a pilot project which will focus on the timely reduction of stray companion animals and the implementation of the concept of “Community Animals”.

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