“A regular posture for a healthy life” Initiative

The initiative “A regular posture for a healthy life” organized by Dorela Rrumbullaku, physiotherapist and activist in the MEDPAK association focused on the implementation of informative training on spinal column deformities (scoliosis) with psycho-social staff, assistant teachers, teachers of physical education and parents.

Initially, a request was made to the Local Education Office for the inclusion of the staff of the education system in the training and after the approval by the director of the ZVA Mr. Skënder Karriqi, the planning of the date and place of the training was continued.

The training was carried out on 15. 12. 2023, in the premises of the Sopot Librazhd restaurant where 35 people participated and its purpose was to inform about the deformations of the vertebral column, what it is, what are some of the indicators that affect its deformation, how can it be identify and where we should go.

At the beginning of the training, the welcoming speech was delivered by the President of the MEDPAK Association Mrs. Zela Koka who expressed the welcome and thanks for the interest expressed by everyone to be part of the training. He also emphasized the purpose of the initiative and the impact it will have on all participants.

Afterwards, the training by Dorela Rrumbullaku, physiotherapist, focused on the following points:

  • What is scoliosis?
  • How is it classified?
  • What are the factors that affect the deformation of the vertebral column?
  • How can we identify it?
  • The path to follow for the rehabilitation of the sled.

The idea of the initiative came as a result of:

  1. malpositioning that children keep while sitting or from using technological devices; b) heavy weight of backpacks;
  2. deviation of the vertebral column as a result of overlapping scoliosis;
  3. lack of physical activity;
  4. lack of a medical staff specialist in the school premises.

Scoliosis is an abnormal deviation of the vertebral column and the number of children with functional scoliosis has increased in recent years, which has become a concern for our society. An overweight backpack is one of the main risk factors for spinal misalignment in children.

During the training, demonstrations were also made about the postural assessment method, so that each participant can assess students in schools if they have spinal column deformity and then refer them to the Day Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities of the Librazhd Municipality. .

At the end of the training, leaflets, posters and certificates of gratitude for participation were distributed to the participants, and each of them expressed the desire to carry out trainings with such themes, which are related to the well-being of children.

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