Creating a resource class for children with special needs

Today we introduce you to the initiative of teacher and activist Lule Daçi and the students of the “Rifat Manjani” school in Shupenza, Bulqiza.

Teacher Lule completed her studies in Philosophy and Social Science Teaching for Upper Secondary Education, at the University of Social Sciences, Tirana.

Now, she is in her fifth year of work in the high school teaching branch with a focus on the social field. As a teacher/active citizen, she has contributed to the promotion of activism, the inclusion and creation of various ideas.

Together with the young people, they created the ‘Amare’ Arts Club for the first time, to increase the engagement of students in raising and solving various problems in the community. One of the most recent initiatives undertaken by the Lule’s Club and the teachers is that of “Creating a resource class for children with special needs”, within the Shkëndija program.

Throughout the year, the club has been working on the realization of handicraft/artistic works, through which it aims to mobilize part of the funds necessary for raising the resource class.

We thank teacher Lule and her students for the civic commitment and the example they provide through their initiatives.

The #shkendija program is implemented by Co-PLAN, the Institute for Habitat Development with the support of the Public Relations Office at the American Embassy in Tirana, supports over 25 initiatives from activists across the country.

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