Violeta Gjoni

Violeta Gjoni Violeta Gjoni is a teacher for children with special needs, as well as an activist for several years, mainly in activities that focus on the integration of children and young people with disabilities, and a mother in constant care of a child with disabilities.Violeta also directs the Social-Cultural Center “Edhe ên mundem”, where […]

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Ana Allkaj

Ana Allkaj 24-year-old Ana Allkaj is our spark from Tirana. She is licensed as a speech therapist at the University of Medicine, at the Faculty of Technical Medical Sciences in Tirana and has been practicing as a speech therapist and child therapist for two years. With her initiative, she aims to integrate speech therapists in

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Meliha Zyberaj

Meliha Zyberaj Meliha Zyberaj is a well-known artisan in Vau i Dejës through her many years of work dedicated to craftsmanship. For many years Mrs. Melihaja has opened the Vau i Dejës Artisan Center where the traditional works of the area are produced. She is determined to pass on her profession to the younger generations,

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Anxhelina Kano

Anxhelina Kano Anxhelina Kano, completed her bachelor’s and master’s studies in Clinical Psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Tirana. She currently provides psycho-social services in the health field. Anxhelina is a participant in the #Shkëndija program with the aim of giving a voice and information to the pedagogical staff of

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Xhensila Mirashi

Xhensila Mirashi YOUTHOFMALIQ4HERITAGE is the initiative undertaken by the “ACT THINK CENTER” organization, which was born as a movement of the informal group of young people in Maliqi Municipality led by Xhensila Mirashi. Through this initiative, it is aimed to expunge from oblivion the monuments of culture, which are located in the territory of this

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Erind Metani

Erind Metani Nisma “Jam edhe UNE” ka ne qender te vemendjes femijet e shtresave me te varfera te shoqerise qe kan veshteresi ne perballimin e kushteve me minimale te jeteses,dhe qe shpesh jane viktima te fenomeneve te diskriminimit, bullizmit qofte kjo nga shoqeria e moshatareve por dhe nga instuticione te ndryshme.Ata perjetojne tallje per menyren

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