Pranvera Nallbati

Pranvera Nallbati Pranvera was born in Elbasan and completed his higher studies in the field of economics. The “Summer of Puppies” as it is popularly known in the city, she began to bond with pets at an early age with the constant support of parents. Her father always advised her to love and take care […]

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Eltjona Doko

Eltjona Doko Eltjona completed her “Bachelor” and then “Master of Science” studies in Journalism and Marketing Management, at the Faculty of Business, at “Aleksandër Moisiu” University in Durrës. In September 2022, she completed the “Professional Master’s Degree” in Maritime Management and Safety. Since 2016, Eltjona has been engaged as a part-time lecturer in the Department

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Fatmir Zyberi

Fatmir Zyberi Fatmir Zyberi was born in Tirana and has been engaged in the protection of the rights of the Roma and Egyptian community in the peripheral areas of the capital. He has been working for 10 years focused on supporting Roma and Egyptian children with the aim of enrolling them in nurseries, kindergartens and

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Sashen Rexhepaj

Sashen Rexhepaj Sashen Rexhepaj has completed his studies in Speech Therapy at the University of Medicine, Tirana, Faculty of Medical Technical Sciences. He is a lecturer at a public university of Medicine and one of the first trainers in the field of Speech Therapy. He is the leader of the first association for Speech Therapy

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Florida Kumanaku

Florida Kumanaku Florida is a teacher at the Mihal Grameno school in Tirana. She finished her post-university studies in Human Geography, which made her take a different orientation by studying and training on human-environment interaction. There is a desire and constant effort for the lesson to continue outside the classroom. Florida dreams of a classroom

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Meliha Zyberaj

Meliha Zyberaj Meliha Zyberaj is a well-known artisan in Vau i Dejës through her many years of work dedicated to craftsmanship. For many years Mrs. Melihaja has opened the Vau i Dejës Artisan Center where the traditional works of the area are produced. She is determined to pass on her profession to the younger generations,

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Xhensila Mirashi

Xhensila Mirashi YOUTHOFMALIQ4HERITAGE is the initiative undertaken by the “ACT THINK CENTER” organization, which was born as a movement of the informal group of young people in Maliqi Municipality led by Xhensila Mirashi. Through this initiative, it is aimed to expunge from oblivion the monuments of culture, which are located in the territory of this

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Sara Kola

Sara Kola For the first time, the teenager Sara Kola started her activism in the community through the #shkëndija program. Born and raised in Italy, she returned to Albania a few years ago and continues her studies at the “Gjon Buzuku” school in Tirana.Sara is concerned about the state of stray animals in Tirana, the

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Margret Radovani

Margret Radovani Margret Radovani, a talented violinist and activist who joined the #shkëndija program with the ‘Rritu n’art’ initiative, which aims to integrate a real music program into the pre-university school system throughout the country.

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Gevio Tabaku

Gevio Tabaku Gevio Tabaku joined the #shkëndija program as a student with a lot of ambition to found the National Student Board. Gevio started his activism in his hometown, Gramsh, where he works for youth rights and responsibilities in relation to the community. His voice is often about student rights, but he is involved in

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