Leart Berisha

Leart Berisha Leart continues his studies at “Rilindja High School” in Durrës. He is committed to the recognition of the history of the old families of the city, their contribution and has joined various initiatives for the cultural heritage of the city. He has continuously researched policies for solving environmental issues in Durrës and has […]

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Rruzhdi Hymetllari

Rruzhdi Hymetllari Mr. Rruzhdi Hymetllari, participant in the #shkëndija program, is a Lawyer and Environmental Specialist from Pogradec, while in the civil society sector he leads the “Pylli i Blertë” Association. In the #shkendija Program he comes with an important initiative for his fellow citizens that has to do with community participation in the management

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Edi Truka

Edi Truka Founder of North Green Association, and Executive Director for the direction and good management of the organization that operates throughout Albania and is based in Tirana. In this position since 2015, Edi has led important initiatives in the protection of the environment with analytical, strategic and study products, collaborating with central and local

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Riges Beqiri

Riges Beqiri Riges Beqiri is our spark from Bulqiza. After finishing his studies at the Faculty of Economics in Tirana, he returned to his hometown to practice his profession and to promote the natural and cultural values of the area.In 2017, together with his friends, he founded the Bulqiza Nature and Tourism Association. With their

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Xhulia Facaj

Xhulia Facaj Xhulia Facaj completed her studies in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism. Professional in the field of architecture and urban development for 5 years in the public and private sector, as a specialist in the design of projects of various typologies on a micro scale with a

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Mirjeta Domi

Mirjeta Domi Supporting STEM Education in schools is an important task. This initiative enhances the skills of 21st century students with multidisciplinary learning experiences in Science, Technology, Coding and Mathematics. The use of microcontrollers in green schools allows students to create different plant growth explorations in a control environment according to their creativity. Green schools

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