Get to know the #shkëndija program

The #shkëndija program supports activists (individuals, groups or organizations) with specialized knowledge and mentoring in the process of developing concrete initiatives for change in order to improve their lives and the lives of citizens in the community where they live.

The program is a practical learning process that opens many opportunities for everyone who becomes a part of it, so it is a journey through which you join a wide network of activists, professionals and civil society in Albania. The #shkëndija program is part of the project “Sparking Activism Initiatives Locally – SAIL”, which is implemented by Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development with the support of the Public Relations Office at the American Embassy in Tirana.

Support from the #shkëndija program includes:

1 – Workshop on topics of special importance for activism, where we highlight: (a) activism, community organization, and advocacy; (b) developing activism skills through investigative journalism techniques; (c) how to collaborate and use traditional and alternative media; etc. Through the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to understand in practice the process of conception, formulation, implementation and monitoring of an initiative.
These workshops will be carried out by the team of the #spark program in collaboration with very good and experienced experts in the areas in focus of the workshops.
2 – Continued support with orientation, advice, knowledge as well as direct engagement in essential processes. This process will be extended in time throughout the year and aims to create the necessary conditions to further increase the initiative.
3 – Provision of essential equipment or services for the progress of the initiative, for the most engaged participants of the program.

Why should I participate in the #spark program?

The reasons are many, but we are sharing a few:
– To take concrete steps for the development and implementation of the initiative/issue that concerns you/is of interest to you.
– To be part of a dynamic organization that supports the development of your community;
– To improve your skills in raising and addressing community issues;
– To cultivate your knowledge and behavioral change skills;
– To let you know more about other interesting initiatives that are happening that you may want to join or support;
– The participants of the #spark initiative will have the opportunity not only to learn from experienced people, but also to be advised and supported by them during the very significant and rewarding journey of activism.

Ekipi Ynë

The project ‘Sparking Activism Initiatives Locally – SAIL’ has been implemented by a dedicated team for several years. The SAIL project and the #spark program is led by Dr. Aida Ciro, and curated with great dedication and passion by Graphic Designer and Photographer Klesta Galanxhi.

Aida Ciro

Drejtuese e Projektit SAIL dhe
programit #shkëndija

Klesta Galanxhi

Dizajner Grafik dhe Fotografe

Are you interested in joining the #shkëndija program for 2024?

1 – Get to know the call on the official website of Co-PLAN or social media during the months of January and February;
2 – Decide on the focus of the initiative and whether you will apply as an individual, group or organization;
3 – Request in-depth information on unclear aspects for you, by contacting us through email addresses, social media or by joining us in informative meetings;
4 – Apply through the form. Every other step will be communicated below.

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